In Siberia Episode 2: Vladivostok and the Cossacks

Episode 2 (<----- click me)

In this episode we follow George as he arrives in Vladivostok, travels by train to Nikolsk, Khabarovsk, and beyond. We also hear a little bit about the Cossacks. Here are some pictures from George's collection relevant to Episode 2. Click to enlarge!

The Wharf, Vladivostok

Suetranskaya Street, Vladivostok

27th Infantry in Vladivostok

Railway Bridge Destroyed by Bolsheviks

More will be posted soon about what you heard in Episode 2. Check back soon.

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  1. Great episode. Very entertaining. Liked the brisk pacing. Also liked that it had some humor, too. Anica actually LOL'ed at the sea cucumber bit. Seems like you've worked out any audio kinks. Don't change anything and keep 'em coming!